The 23 April saw Choppies host an appreciation ceremony for the Team Botswana athletes who performed exceptionally well at the Commonwealth Games. They were appreciated with cash prizes amounting 285 million in total

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Botswana retailer Choppies now has more stores in South Africa than in its home country, and is very nearly selling as much merchandise in each country.

In the last six months of 2017 its now 88 stores in SA sold 2.13 billion pula (around R2.7 billion) worth of stock, results released on Thursday showed. That is just 7.5% short of the turnover from its 85 stores in Botswana.Read More

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Keeping warm during the winter season is of high necessity, though this isn’t new information to anyone. But there is a way to keep warm and avoid wearing all the items of clothing one owns. It’s a common belief that in order to look good one must spend a substantial amount of money on their clothing, that’s not always the case.

It’s all about layering your clothes to keep the cold out. It’s even possible to keep warm using fairly light clothing as long as your clothes are layered correctly. It’s especially important to make sure the little ones are warm this or any winter. Blue Clothing, available in Choppies Hyper stores, gives you all the things you want on a budget; it’s warm, stylish and affordable! So you can be assured you will be getting great value for your money.

Here are some key head to toe clothing items you will need to get through the winter:

Socks & Gloves

The feet and hands play a role in regulating the body temperature because they have a large surface area. Thus it’s essential that they remain covered if you are outdoors for an extended period of time. This one is a key point for the little ones when they are playing outside and luckily the clothing section in select Choppies stores have a wide variety of affordable options to choose from.

Coats/Jackets & Beanies

When buying coats/jackets it’s important to make sure that it will still fit even with all the extra layers of clothing underneath it. If you want to avoid layering your clothes, be on the lookout for jacket/coats that have a thick lining. Blue Clothing has an extensive range of jackets to pick from for both men and women.

Pants/Skirts & Shoes

Avoid denim at all costs; it will not keep you warm. Instead stick to materials like corduroy and items with a cotton blend. Wearing skirts in winter can be done if paired with thick stockings.

With these tips and great deals on clothes you will be able to find in the clothing section of Choppies Hyper stores, staying warm in winter will be as easy as can be.

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