The taste of old world style baked goods, today!

Choppies Bakery offers delicious food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The department partners with local manufacturers that tailor-make goods for the in-store bakery. These collaborations result in premium exclusives that boost the chain’s bakery brand. We also offers best breads and pastries of all varieties such as Buckwheat bread Sweet bun and more…. Our fruit-filled, sugar coated, powdered, glazed, and dipped pastries complimented with beverages. We bake fresh wheat bread and which is made with 0 trans-fat ingredients and has less calories. The traditional brown bread has the least calories which goes great with a nice cup of coffee

Eat Right, be Bright!!!

Choppies Deli business focus on healthy and indulgent foods. We feature a host of new sandwiches including grilled cheese with smoked brisket. We are adding more foodservice options and grab-and-go items for shoppers racing back to the office.  We are also trying to create better in-store experiences for those who have time at midday to linger over lunch.


House of Freshness

Fruit and vegetable departments are traditionally key departments for Choppies. As soon as you enter our store you get a first impression of freshness and it brings an exciting shopping experience to you. We offer the quality and the choices you want. You can explore a wide fresh variety of fruit and vegetable products in our stores. We strive to provide consistent and reliable farm fresh products to meet your needs. We also offer a wide variety of Frozen Vegetables, Salad Greens, Fresh Herbs, Canned Vegetables and , Fresh-Cut Vegetables


For All @Low Prices

Choppies Clothing department has all the items you could possibly need to outfit your entire family. With clothes for men and women in standard and extended sizes, plus a full collection of clothes for babies and children of all ages, we’ve got all your clothing.Our objective is to offer you an assortment of well-priced clothing at good quality and great prices.  Our aim is to have something for you and all your family, all ages and sizes.  The objective is for us to bring to you all the clothing basics you need for each season. 


You can’t beat our Meat.!!!!

We partner with local farms to source the most delicious and unique meats possible, perfect for the enthusiastic home cook. Nice to meet you!

Our cases are stocked with wholesome, scratch made sides to pair with your dinner, bbq, or picnic. We also stock a curated selection of grocery items to round out your pantry. And if you’re not in the mood to cook we will happily make you one of our hearty sandwiches

Great Value For Your Money

Goods/services from Choppies Store are worth the price paid


Our History

“We plan to roll out a significant number of stores in the Zambian market in the medium term with the help of local partnerships and an efficient supply chain that allows us to be very price competitive,” he said. “Zambia is currently an underserved market that overtime should become a significant part of the Choppies footprint.”

This flagship hyperstore is leading the way in local retailing, offering a one-stop shopping experience in a consumer-friendly environment. The expanded store, now occupying some 4600 square metres of floor space, carries the country’s widest selection of grocery and ancillary stock, along with an extensive greengrocery, butchery, bakery, fresh fish counter and in-store florist boutique.

One retail experience that exemplifies not only executional excellence, but also the future of retail is that of Choppies Group. Choppies does two things well. First, it uses retail space effectively. In an industry where it’s so difficult to show off all your products and services due to limited space, Choppies can display its products in a small, beautiful retail space. Second, the retail space also “provides customers with an engaging and experiential shopping experience so they leave loving.


Annual Report - 2019

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Latest Developments

The supermarket retail offering includes leading international food brands and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) products as well as Choppies’ own private label for value-minded consumers.

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Choppies is the leading supermarket chain in Africa