Botswana retailer Choppies now has more stores in South Africa than in its home country, and is very nearly selling as much merchandise in each country.

In the last six months of 2017 its now 88 stores in SA sold 2.13 billion pula (around R2.7 billion) worth of stock, results released on Thursday showed. That is just 7.5% short of the turnover from its 85 stores in Botswana.Read More

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Botswana Football Association and Choppies Group announced a 3-year sponsorship yesterday, valued at P3, 780, 000. The sponsorship is towards the youth male national teams; namely under-20, under-17 and under-15.

The under 20 team is the first to benefit from this sponsorship as they have been in the camp the whole of February and last weekend of January. The sponsorship will assist in their preparations and take care of the teams.

In his acceptance, Football Association President Maclean Letshwiti, highlighted that Choppies is no stranger to supporting Botswana sports, from events like Olympic Games 2012 and 2016 to now joining football. Sports Excellence is an initiative that the company has always looked at with excitement and passion.

“Choppies has understood that for any country to benefit from sporting excellence there is the need to invest in the early development of that code. When the long-term vision of BFA was shared with them the company immediately fell in love with what the association wanted to achieve. Choppies did not want to celebrate the joys of a journey they weren’t part off, they speak highly of the need to walk this journey with us and ensure they pay back to the society that they leave in and trade with,” said Letshwiti.

“As of today, we start a journey to developing youth that will in the future put Botswana on the map. We wish to start with the current under-15 and under-17 and build a strong team that will dominate the COSAFA region. With the under 17 and 20 teams, we need a team that will compete for a possible birth to the 2024 Olympics, ” continued Letshwiti.

“We are delighted to have such a partner who will assist our teams in reducing the financial cost of the association. We are humbled that you are now taking the lead once again in showing that a sport as manageable as football needs to be used as a vehicle to social empowerment and a driver of the new marketing waves in our society,” concludeBFA President Maclean

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