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  • Wholly owned meat supply business in Botswana
  • Daily deliveries to stores through the well developed Internal logistics system throughout Botswana
  • Best performing margins in peer group
  • Locally sourced meat and chickens through contracts with local producers


  • Daily freshly baked goods such as fresh bread, cakes and patisseries
  • Range commensurate with profile of each store
  • Production based on local demand

Fruit And Veg

  • Highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables sourced directly from South African and Botswana farmers
  • Fruit and vegetable distribution centre unique in Botswana
  • Setting up similar facility in South Africa
  • Strong support from farming community leading to better pricing and stock availability


  • Products sold include Choppies Fried Chicken(CFC), chips, curries and combination meal packs(combos)
  • Daily menu depending on customer profile in every location