Protect environment, recycle and reuse

Recycling empty drink and food containers is not only an amazing money saving hack but it’s also a great way to improve your environment. Instead of discarding empty drink and food containers that you’ve use, try finding ways to utilize them around the house or even at work.

Hung up on the labels printed on the containers? That can be easily removed with two things: cotton balls and nail polish remover.  Soak the cotton balls in the nail polish remover and rub the printed text on the containers until it’s no longer visible. Once the printed text has been removed, wash the container in warm soapy water and use it.

Here are some handy tips on ways empty food and drink containers can be recycled.

  1. Fizzy Drink Plastic Bottles

Fizzy drink plastic bottles, like Choppies Chill 2L bottles, are often thrown away instead of recycled. A handy way to recycle the bottle is to cut off the top part of the bottle, as if to make a funnel. Leaving you with two parts of the bottle that can be recycled:

  • The bottom can be used to grow a plant or herbs.
  • The top funnel part can be used to keep dry ingredients fresh i.e. a loaf of bread. By threading the plastic containing the loaf of bread through the wider side of the bottle “funnel” to the mouth of the bottle the cap can then be used to secure the bag thereby sealing in the freshness of the bread.
  1. Butter Tub

Butter tubs can be used to store just about anything be it food or house hold items.

  • To store vegetables
  • Stock/broth i.e. vegetable, chicken
  • Dishwashing tools i.e. sponges, steel wool
  1. Salad Cream

Salad Cream jars, like the Choppies 750g salad cream jar; can be used to store loose change instead of jingling around in your pockets or weighing down your handbag and wallet. A bonus benefit is that if there are children in the house it will teach them the value of saving money.


  1. Empty puréed baby food jars

Empty puréed baby food jars are the ideal size to use as spice jars. Remove the label so that the contents will be visible. Write the name on the spice on a sticker and put it on the jar lid.