Choppies team payed Cheshire Foundation Rehabilitation Centre

Winston Churchill once said “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” This is something Choppies prides herself with. Our CSR program has been set in place to meet the needs of Batswana and put a smile on their faces in the process and this month was no different.

The Choppies team payed Cheshire Foundation Rehabilitation Centre in Mogoditshane a visit. This centre is for disabled children. The staff there are trained to cater for all the children’s needs such as physiotherapy, special diets, psychosocial needs and so much more and hosts 25 children.

What is truly amazing about the children here is that they are such spirited children. They possess so much life and will to live even though their circumstances do not allow. When we walked into their dining hall which was our meeting place, we were welcomed by loud music and the children having the time of their lives.

For the hunt, every child was paired with an adult and they had to look for clues in and around the dining hall. The children, now all sporting Choppies t-shirts and caps had never been more ready to get started. Everyone wanted to get to the last clue first! From a distance it was as if you were watching a need for speed movie!

Once the race was done, the children were treated to sandwiches, juice, Easter eggs and loads of candy from Choppies. They were also each given a choppies mug.